Transcapology, 2022
Video, 11:19mins.

As an endeavour to circumvent the paradigms of contemporary human existence, artist Bianca Tainsh traverses the shores of Lake Weyba in Australia to observe and coalesce with the natural world, creating interpretive documentation of her experiences along the way. Transcapology is a digital collage of images, field recordings and moving image taken by the artist during explorations of the Weyba landscape. The work carries the viewer on a journey as the artist narrates a text reflecting on her ventures to transcend into the landscape, and transition from anthropocentric conditioning to become ‘a cohesive, natural being’.  

Created following a universal epoch of digital burnout and sensorial deprivation, Transcapology encapsulates an exquisite exploration, resurrecting moments of primordial connection to natural elements. As the artist transcends into the landscape, she ultimately embraces the experience as both an organic and techno being. Her epiphany is that this may be the key to the emergence of a tech-enabled epoch of nature-connection and stewardship.

By Bianca Tainsh

Music by Irama Gema & 10 Echo