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Transcapology, 2024. Video 10:29 mins

Transcapology encapsulates an exquisite exploration, resurrecting moments of elemental interconnection with nature and place. As an endeavour to circumvent the highly fabricated paradigms of contemporary human existence, artist Bianca Tainsh traverses the shores of Lake Weyba in Australia to observe and coalesce with this sublime, but contentious biosphere. 

Entangled in a timescape of natural and first people’s histories, and more recently, colonial violence and capitalism, Lake Weyba presents a decisive space to consider psychogeography and the relationship of contemporary Australians and other colonialist societies, with the land. 

Reconfigured for a digital plain, Weyba becomes a multiplicity of representations that distort time and perspective. A disembodied soundtrack adds to this disorientation, and a serene landscape becomes unstable terrain, ominous and intangible. Dark actions, commodification and existential crisis can be detected behind a façade of ‘paradise’, the human ideal used to contain and exploit nature.

The title of this work suggests a concept constructed around perceptions of inner and outer landscapes, the transdimensional aspects of site psychogeography, and the transformative effects of natural phenomena or what is humanly perceived as time. As an ‘ology’, this concept becomes a form of practice.

Images, videos and field recordings by Bianca Tainsh

Bianca Tainsh

“Therapeutic Hypothermia/Ngayau” by Irama Gema. From the Free Music Archive, CC BY-NC.
“Sources of the Nile” by 10 Echo. From the Free Music Archive, CC BY-NC.
Both tracks have been altered.

© 2024 Copyright Bianca Tainsh

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