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The Original Protagonists & The Organ of Amativeness

This work is a multi-media wall installation that visually contrasts two seemingly disparate veins of investigative research.  The Organ of Amativeness (right) explores perceptions of knowledge constructed around the human brain.  It pairs the parlour science of Phrenology that takes a metaphysical approach to the brain, with the cold and detached aesthetics of contemporary clinical paraphernalia.  The Original Protagonists (left) is the artist’s own representation of the foundations of consumerism, entangling real and fabricated histories. 


Through staged photography these two quasi-artefacts are forged in a narrative, then redisplayed next to the documentation.  This creates a multi-layered dialogue blurring the real and imagined between the histories depicted in the artefacts, of the artefacts themselves, and the environments in the photographic documentation.

The Original Protagonists & The Organ of Amativeness 2017

Digital print on rag paper, digital prints and engraved plaques in commercial frame, and laminated digital print, dimensions variable, Site 8 Gallery, RMIT. 

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