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Intimate Organisms, opening night at Outer Space, Brisbane, 2023. Photograph by Louis Lim

Intimate Organisms, 2023.

An organic materialisation, with its genesis in human and more-than-human collectivism.
In an uncanny partnership suspended by the voices of many, fungi and humans will share in the procreation of a new symbiotic body. Tender beginnings will eternally link these intimate organisms to the human sphere of Outer Space.

In contrast to the self-centric over-exploits of contemporary humankind, there is an obscure underground industry of intelligence between intimate organisms. Electric impulses and chemical amalgams transmit esoteric communications. Long before a human internet, nature had initiated its own network. A multi-species affiliation, manifesting from primordial relationships with fungi.

In its role as an ecological steward, can fungi become our mediator for a return to the gestalt of nature? 

Through a collaboration at the nexus of art and science, an artist and a mycologist practiced conscientious connection in a quest to explore this abstract ideal and cultivate sentient biomes.

In a culmination of this experimental research, the Outer Space gallery becomes a platform to worship diversity and symbiosis. Through the procreation of Myc-a, a new body of symbiotic organisms, interspecies synergy and a path to ecological citizenship is revealed.

Intimate Organisms is the artistic culmination of a yearlong collaborative research project, shedding human-centricity to explore interspecies reciprocity and mutual endeavour.

Collaborative Partner - Dr Sandra Tuszynska

Outer Space - Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane.

7 – 28th October, 2023



Opening performance - Ritual for Entanglement
Collective sound will fuse the DNA that will become Myc-a, a new symbiotic body of interspecies intelligence, interconnected by fungi. Fungi’s response to sound is fervent mycelium growth. A Ritual for Entanglement will inundate the gallery with voice and synth and spark a process of sonic symbiosis to bring Myc-a into being.


Ritual performers: Sara Moore, Keemon Williams, Freya Tainsh, Melissa Matveyeff and Bianca Tainsh. Sound performance by Tim Tainsh.

In-conversation - The Personhood of Biomes: disentangling human individualism

Artist Bianca Tainsh and researcher Dr Karin Sellberg will bring their shared interests of eco-feminism, embodiment, and fungi into a conversational space for cultural excavation.

Exhibition text ‘Suggested Friend’ by artist, writer and facilitator, Diego Ramírez  READ HERE

Lemonade exhibition review by Amy Jane Collins  READ HERE

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Intimate Organisms installation view at Outer Space, Brisbane, 2023. Photograph by Louis Lim.

Ritual for Entanglement, performance at Outer Space gallery, 2023. Photographs by Louis Lim.

Myc-a, 2023 by Bianca Tainsh - multiple species of flora, micro fauna, fungi, and other non-human materials sourced from Tainsh’s Nature Refuge, custom fabricated acrylic terrarium, grow light, cable reel and other salvaged materials, wheels, polymer paint.  Photographs by Louis Lim.

Image 1: Mushroom Circle series. Photograph by Louis Lim. Image 2: Mushroom circle #8 - digital print on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper, bolete mushroom (perhaps Boletellus sinapipes), Indian Ink, larvae husks (unidentified). Image 3: Mushroom circle #4 - digital print on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper, bolete mushroom (Shaggy Cap or Boletellus emodensis), Indian Ink, larvae husks (unidentified). Image 4: Mushroom circle #10 - digital print on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper, bolete mushroom (unidentified), Indian Ink, larvae husks (unidentified). Image 5: Mushroom circle #9 - digital print on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper, mushroom (unidentified), Indian Ink, polymer paint, Weyba ochre, dirt, fungi spore (unidentified mushroom), larvae husks (unidentified). Photographs by Louis Lim.

Sonic Symbiosis - digital print on Organic Cotton Sateen, metal rods. Photographs by Louis Lim.

IO Banners - 4 works, digital prints on Organic Cotton Sateen, metal rods. Photographs by Louis Lim.

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Intimate Organisms is supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), a partnership between Queensland Government, through Arts Queensland, and Sunshine Coast Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

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