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Fabricating Desire, 2017

Fabricating Desire is an 8 minute video splicing found video clips to present a contentious history around consumerism, the manipulation of the unconscious brain to program mass consumption, and the eternal search for the Self in retaliation to the controlling and homogenising effects of consumerism.

Rather than being a factual documentary, Fabricating Desire functions as an interpretative video archive.  As a theatrical retelling of contentious histories, the video is a frenetic splicing of found Internet media that represents a spectrum of conceptual foundations including science-based educational platforms, B-grade cinema, Wikipedia and corporate marketing. 


Through this act of mass-appropriation, authorship, truth and fiction become indistinguishable, and subsequently result in undermining existing systems of historical representation by exposing the actuality of bias and hidden agenda.  Sequentially, Fabricating Desire shifts from capitalist narratives to expressive outbursts in defense of the Self, building to a crescendo of information overload, then ending in a moment of transcendence in which to contemplate the underlying themes and their meaning.  In this way Fabricating Desire’s image overload commodifies on emotional affect, and is a reminder of Guy Debord’s consumerist Spectacle.

Fabricating Desire  2017  (4 mins clip only)

Video 8.23mins.

To view the full version of this video please contact the artist

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