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Experiments with Integrity, 2020

Through a Seedpod Pilot Residency project Tainsh navigated the cultural landscape of the Sunshine Coast, searching for Integrity.  What is integrity?  Where might you find it?  Do you have Integrity in your day-to-day? These were the questions used to activate a reflection on contemporary morality and self-determination.


As the project encountered new individuals they were invited to join an emerging membership.  A league of people, keen to deactivate the manipulative influences of consumerism and the media, to reconnect with the world in meaningful ways. With a taste for the optimism that comes from collective and individual action the league engaged audiences with their communal aspiration to live a life with Integrity.


Experiments with Integrity is another chapter in Bianca’s long-term project, The League for Human Integrity. Launched in Berlin in 2018, the project is a response to the global mood of disillusion, prompted by unprecedented political power swings, climate change and corporatisation.


By creating immersive spaces, both artist and audience become part of a performance that evokes reflection and positive change.

Old Courthouse Lock-up Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

24 Jan - 8 Mar 2020

Supported by Punctum, Horizon Festival, Creative Spaces and Sunshine Coast Council.

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