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A Century of Superfictions, 2017

A multi-space installation that correlates a body of works produced for research project A Century of Superfictions.

Through an exploration of histories around consumerism and the eternal search for the inner Self, A Century of Superfictions constructs the thematic foundations for an emerging superfiction.  In the pursuit for knowledge the inevitability of subjectivity reveals the problematic nature of all information, and the hidden agenda and bias of everyday systems comes into question.  By creating works that mimic and appropriate from these systems and other everyday culture, a framework is formed in which to reflect on the predicament of the spiritual Self attaining a meaningful existence in a world of fabricated ideologies.

A Century of Superfictions 2017

Digital prints on art quality rag paper, engraved plaques, timber, rope, trophy, iPhone playing looped video, books, headphones, digital prints and engraved plaques in commercial frame, laminated digital print, projection of looped videos, lamp, stool, project research documentation, mdf, timber, domestic paint, carpet, dimensions variable, RMIT University.

See following project pages for more details on videos and individual works 

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