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SYSTEMS is a video work constructed from stock images and other generic forms found on the 'mega-archive' of the internet.  The work is a cold subversion of metaphysical and existentialist philosophy, a dark faux-documentary in contradiction to the artist's own methodology.  With its barrage of imagery it is reminiscent of Camille Henrot’s Grosse Fatigue, whose video work maps out the story of creation using genuine items from museum archives.  In stark contrast to Henrot’s lively, spoken word soundtrack, SYSTEMS's narrator is a robotic voice imbued with synthetic human character - Sharon - reciting a monologue factually presenting the insignificance of the Self in the light of an eternity of systems.  

The video is a visualisation of everything belonging to systems, a never-ending succession that stretches both back and beyond the present moment.  History becomes an exhaustive repetition of similar events, and the concept and importance of ‘time’ is undermined.  Both of these realisations dilute the significance of current global affairs, and unfortunately, the value of the Self.

SYSTEMS  2017  (clip only)

Video 3.26mins.

To view the full version of this video please contact the artist

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