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This Artist's Hermeneutical Device, 2017

A multimedia, relief-like installation, This Artist's Hermeneutical Device is constructed from elements that symbolise a multi-faceted research exploration into a broad range of subjects, namely histories around consumerism, the corporation, philosophical explorations of the self, and the neuroscience behind creativity.


The chart, didactical in nature, seems to promise knowledge, but it is both eclectic and esoteric, creating doubt over the integrity of its content.  It could be interpreted as fictional, historical or both, and as an artist, an occupation that works within the realm of imagination, my intentions are also equivocal.  In this way the work aims to reveal the dubious nature of systems of knowledge, especially historical representations and the bias and agenda that motivate the bodies that document and construct them.  

This Artist’s Hermeneutical Device 2017

Digital print on art quality rag paper, engraved plaque, timber, rope, trophy, iPhone playing looped video, books, mdf, domestic paint, dimensions variable, Site 8 Gallery, RMIT.

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