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5 Dollar Identity

A challenge has been set.


The challenge to create a perfect logo.  A symbol to embody the distinct characteristics of a nameless and fictitious company.  To bring it into existence.  To give it a face to present to the world.


4 graphic designers are offered a rare opportunity for absolute creative freedom.  Can they bring this entity to life?  What do you get for $5?


Five Dollar Identity is the first exhibition of Bianca’s current survey into the commodification of creativity, particularly the ramifications of being a creative and philosophical individual positioned in the corporate world.  Is there opportunity for individuality and freedom of expression in their work, or is their experience that of routine, the mundane.


Through the process of establishing her own non-arts business Bianca has been exploring the boundaries between her artistic practice and that of the business professional, hiring the services of others to meet her needs, inviting a dialogue around fabrication as appropriation, and the artificiality of corporate aesthetics.


4th - 8th Nov 2014
ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art), Melbourne.

Five Dollar Identity 2014

Shipping container installation of digital designs on commercial banners, housepaint, carpet tiles & screen with looped video.

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