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Exhausted Ideals

Detachment is a necessary evil. Emotion impairs good judgement. The enemy is calculating, cunning and cold. One year to learn the game. One year to beat the corporates.

In a bid to save a doomed lake in Queensland artist Bianca Tainsh joined forces with a throw together army of locals called Friends of Lake Weyba. With the aim of using creativity to power a feel-good form of activism the Friends found themselves in a battle where promotion and public popularity could just vanquish the big dollar clout of a cunning development company.

Exhausted Ideals uses video and installation to revisit a year of unexpected outcomes and personal trials. Utilising documentation Bianca re-presents her project through the eyes of the media, and examines what began as a political agenda but became a game in which lies, defamation and deceit versus arts shows, photo comps and the charms of a good looking environmental scientist.

Solo exhibition, Kings ARI Melbourne.

7 Feb - 1 May 2014

Exhausted Ideals  2014

Installation of digital print on rag paper, brackets, rods, custom printed postcards, balsa wood, house paint & screen with looped video.

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