Neither Different or the Same - Campaign officially launched!

Neither Different or the Same - image by Bianca Tainsh

On 27th June I am heading to Berlin for a 3 month residency with SomoS Art House. During my residency I will be working on my latest project Neither Different or the Same, to create my largest-scale art video to date, and a body of 2d and sculptural works. The works will be exhibited in Berlin during my residency, then in Australia during 2019.

I have been developing this project over a number of years and I'm excited as it now grows even closer to kicking off. Cinema and moving image are a passion of mine, and I've been looking forward to working with a professional crew to realise a work of my own.

I will be applying for a number of funding opportunities, but we all know that these have become few and far between and extremely competitive, so I have also launched a fundraising campaign through the ACF. Any donations would be greatly appreciated and would go to making this project the best it can be. Donations can be made here. All donations are tax deductible and the ACF will match your donation dollar-for-dollar until I reach $2000, so your donation will have double the impact.

There will be lots happening over the coming months, and I look forward to sharing the project's progress with you through this blog.