Utilising a variety of media and contemporary methods, Australian artist Bianca Tainsh creates experiential spaces.  Archives of cyber-sourced material and semiotic rhetoric become the provenance for video, digital media, assemblages and live art, all merging to inspire reflection on contemporary dilemmas.  Through theoretical frameworks and narrative, audiences are invited to engage deeply with issues such as climate change, mass consumerism, and the search for autonomy and spirituality in the digital age.


And, as a way of escaping social expectations and consumerist shaping a reconnection with nature and humanity is often facilitated through ritual and visualisation.  By generating these intimate moments of connection with the audience, Tainsh’s projects endeavour to reverberate outside of the exhibition space and realise actual social transformation.


Tainsh has exhibited work in both solo and group shows, and live art performances, nationally and internationally.  She has participated in international residency programs and has been the recipient of an ArtStart grant. Her artistic education includes a 1st Class Honours Degree from RMIT University, and to compliment the social aspects of her practice she also studied Arts & Community Engagement at the Victorian College of the Arts.