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The Baby Makers


Curated by Bianca Tainsh

Amanda Airs, Nicola Kinloch, Melissa Matveyeff, Marissa Panagenas, L.C. Sands, Kym Seletto, Jess Sutton, Bianca Tainsh & Max White

The Baby Makers was my first participatory project. Nine artists were invited to make a work for the exhibition with the concept of making a baby. The results were interesting and individual.

Each artist’s work was installed in the exhibition space along with a table set up with materials for visitors to make their own baby.

These babies were displayed in the space alongside the artists’ works and were also photographed to be included on The Baby Makers’ blog page.

The Baby Makers was both humorous and reflective. Undeterred by the usually feminine connotations associated to babies and craft, the participation was equally enthusiastic regardless of gender, and also age.

The participants seemed to find great enjoyment in contributing to the project, especially at becoming part of the process and having their efforts on display.

9th – 20th Feb 2010
First Site Gallery, Melbourne